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WR3 Shorts vs Broyles, TE Keller vs Finley vs Rudolph

Travis C.

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Must win this week :(


Shorts @BUF (hammy issues limited him in practice this week, sooner or later he's not going to have that big play)

Broyles vs IND (Titus isn't a threat, 12 targets and huge game last week, teams really can't adjust because they have to defend Calvin)


Keller vs ARI (ARI has given up the 3rd fewest points to TE, he dissappears some weeks, Sanchez is terrible)

Rudolph @GB (GB has given up the 4th fewest points to TE, Harvin being out has been a good thing for Rudolph so far, Ponder isn't much better than Sanchez)

Finley vs MIN (50+yds the past two games, but Jennings is coming back this week, one more mouth to feed or more open space for Finley?)

WHIR! leave link

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