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Dunno whats wrong with my team... I got MWP! PLZ HELP!


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I am in a 12 person H2H league - standard 8 categories. After dropping Bynum - who was my first pick, my team has struggled and I've been active on the FA market to no success. My FG% sucks, but I am fairly competitive in all other categories

PGs: Felton, Dragic

SGs: Afflalo, J-rich and Singler

SFs: MWP!, Kirilenko

PFs: Millsap, Byron Mullens

Cs: Al Jefferson, Bargnani, Valanciunas, Larry Sanders

Struggling in FG% and Assists.... Not sure what moves to make.

Some of the better FA options are:

Sessions, Hayward, Dion Waiters, Carl Landry, Derrick Favors, Jason Terry, Antawn Jamison, Robin Lopez, Jarrett Jack and Shawn Marion...

Was just offered Collison for J-Rich... Not sure whether to pull the trigger...

Think I should try to package one of my PGs, makes no sense to have 2 top 15 pgs and not be competitive in assists. Perhaps a package with either Mullens and Bargnani?

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Trade was expanded to become

MWP and J-Rich for

Glen Davis and Collison...

Hurts my Steals... but helps with boards.

I don't like this proposed trade and you definitely lose out. It has become pretty clear that coach Carlisle does not trust Collison and if he ain't playing max minutes, then forget about it. Davis, sure he improves FG and REB cats but you can go to the wire IMO. I'd look at Sessions/Jack (help with AST) and Lopez/Landry (help in REB).

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Agree with the above... maybe aim to get rid of Jrich, MWP for one quality player, then pick up one of those FAs... I'm in a 12 team H2H league too, and the FA market is no where near as deep as yours. btw, thanks for your help with mine.

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