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My Pau/Aminu/Miller for Dirk/B. Gordon WHIR


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Pau resting his knees is obviously an issue along with decrease playing time now that coach D'Antoni likes Jamieson in his fast-paced type of offense. However, if Pau is traded to another team, he could provide 1st/2nd round value in a 20 team league. Aminu and Miller are guaranteed time on their respective teams. Ben Gordon?? Sure, he's had big games of late but keep in mind that Gerald Henderson is due back and now this has become a 3-headed SG rotation (Henderson, Gordon & Taylor). As for Bayless and Charlie V, even in a 20 team, no way unless the player in front of them (starting) goes down to long term injury. Sure, Dirk is due back this month and there have been no drawbacks from rehab but I'd want a bit more than Dirk+Gordon.

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