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Making a run at LeBron James (J-Smoove + another player)

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Hi Rotoworld fam,

This is a 20 team league H2H and I'm preliminary talks with a GM who's currently in last place and owns LBJ. I'm including my #1 pick in J-Smoove + another player from my roster.

Players to include with J-Smoove would either be McGee or Blatche.

1) J-Smoove+McGee


2) J-Smoove+Blatche

Option 1) I pretty much punt blocks CAT (only other players with 10+ blocks on my roster would be Iggy, Blatche, Drummond). LBJ currently has 15 blocks to date.

Option 2) I still have McGee for blocks and lose out on points and boards in Blatche. Word from local press and Nets coach indicate he'll get ample minutes going forward even with Brooks return (he's earned it). I'm thinking it will be at Humps expense or when Brooks is on the bench. There is some concern with Brooks foot going forward this year so Blatche has some worth.


Thanks in advance to all and I'd he happy to respond to your posts if need be.

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