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$500 New York City live auction (in person) Fantasy hoops


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We run a fantasy basketball league out of New York City. The prizes are substantial. Our league auction is scheduled for next week.

If you are able and willing to join us we have a live auction where you must atttend in person. You'll get to meet the rest of the league members. We have maybe one or two openings for a 16-18 team league. Each team pays a $500 entry fee. Our league is roto style, non keeper, 10 catergory league.

We rent out a banquet room with plenty of space, serve a buffet and hire a guy to auction off players. It's an adrenaline rush. Most teams have partners and our league members range in age from our 30's through our 50's. It's definitely a great way to network with other professionals. If you're somewhat interested I can send you our rules, log you into our league home page from last season in order for you to view bid prices players were sold for at last seasons auction, view our league message board for any controversy (were none) and view our trades transaction page to see if all trades were on the up and up.

My email address is edbuzz@optonline.net

Good luck with your search for a league that suits your needs.


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