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I am two leagues. In the championship in one, in the ultimate loser bowl in the other. In both leagues, I have a tough decision to make at QB.

I will let you guess which is which.

League No. 1:

6, 8, 12 pts for rushing TD's, depending on distance

4, 5, 7 pts for passing TD's, depending on distance.

1 pt for every 25 combined passing/rushing yards, over 200.

-1 for INT, -1 for lost fumble.

Russel Wilson at home v. SF or Big Ben v. Cincy?

League No. 2

6 pts per TD, regardless of pass TD or rush TD, regardless of distance

1 pt for every 25 passing yards

1 pt for every 10 rushing yards

Drew Brees v. Cowboys or Cam v. Raiders?

Will definitely help in return

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The matchup is what has me thinking. The Raiders are horrific, especially against the pass. Meanwhile, the Cowboys are quite competent, especially at pressuring the quarterback and covering wideouts. Brees put up stinkers when he played good defenses earlier this year. And, I hear Maurice Claiborne is back practicing. I am leaning towards Cam. Brees has been super awesome this whole season, though.

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Im leaning toward Wilson on this one. He has been red hot and they are playing for playoff position too. Marshawn Lynch will keep that D honest and open up the passing and QB running attack for Seattle.

Cam/Brees is a toss up to me. With both out of the playoffs, I don't believe teams get up for the "being the spoiler". I think both will have solid days on Sunday.

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I say ride the Russ bus in league 1 and SuperCam in league 2. League 1 is the toughest decision, but Russ has been on fire and can move enough to escape the 9ers pass rush, at least enough to be effective. Cam is an easy pick for me over brees, Jokeland stands no chance.

Thanks for your help w/ my Q!

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Ben is an easy pick for me. I just don't like an inexperienced QB like Wilson against such a tough defense.

I'm going with Cam for the other team. I'm still not sure if the Cowboys' secondary is overrated or not, but they haven't allowed many big games to QBs this year. Cam's floor is just too high in such a good matchup.

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