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Kaepernick or Bradford


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Alright, so there are a few Bradford vs. ??? because of his potentially nice matchup against the bucs.

Kaepernick has started the last 3 weeks and helped me get to the finals, but faces the worst team for fantasy QB's. I figure his floor is about 10pts (40 ruYD + 1TD) with a 20 Pt Ceiling. But Seattle is a tough place to play and I could see him having his first really bad game.

Bradford has been pretty steady with his only 2 bad games (<10pts) being against SEA and CHI, which is expected. He gets to face a TB team that allows the MOST pts to fantasy QBs. Since TB is good against the run, Bradford may be forced to pass alot and with Amendola at full strength, bradford looks to be a great option.

All the evidence and stats says to start Bradford, but the consensus of experts (fantasypros.com) rank Kaepernick about 5 spots higher than Bradford. (12 vs. 17).

RIght now Im leaning towards bucking the experts and going with Bradford, can anybody out there convince me why I should start Kaepernick over him?

WHIR.. Thanks.

Yahoo 12 team league (6pt/All TDs)

QB: Kaepernick or Bradford

RB: Foster

RB: D.Martin

WR: Dez

WR: Maclin

TE: Witten

W/R: Knowshon

K: Bailey

DEF: Denver

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The Bucs are truly horrible against the pass. It seems like Kaep and Bradford are pretty close to one another, but Kaep has a really tough matchup and Bradford has a great one. Sounds like a valid tiebreaker to me.

What do you think about mine?


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