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After an exhaustive effort in 2012 to assemble 3 new leagues, we came up a little short. While the effort was there, we got started a little late with expansion, partially due to my being very picky on the type of people we will allow to join. You must be a good fit for us, and we must be a good fit for you. We are looking for baseball experts that are willing to treat their teams like an investment, and manage them as such. Everyone in the leagues will exchange phone numbers, so we create a sense of comradeship. Every owner invests $200 into the league. $100 of that goes towards the ownership fee, and the other $100 towards your free agent/trade budget. All the funds collected are dispersed in a series of payouts, which you can review by going to our blog. I am sure if you Google Major League Fantasy Sports you will find it easily. Our format for league two is going to be identical to our original league, which has been in place since 2007. You have to be extremely active and really understand baseball to compete. This is very important because this is not the type of format that will allow you to compete by playing the numbers or trying to exploit a loop hole. There are no loopholes, and knowing or playing just the numbers will lead to you donating your money, as opposed to competing. We are NOT looking for gamblers in our leagues. We are looking for people who are looking to compete and win. The money is just icing on the cake to this type of person. I have had experience with those who look at this like gambling, and they are the same losers that quit if their team starts off slow. This behavior is NOT tolerated, seeing that one dead, loser owner upsets the balance of the league as a whole. You will be expected to compete even if you are not doing as well as you would like. If you are a competitor, then you do not require such a lecture from me because you will fight until you cannot breath anymore. If that last sentence is you, then you will be a great fit with us and feel right at home. League three will be a head to head points league, as opposed to the head to head category settings of league one and two. I have the formula all ready to set up once ESPN launches the new software in February 2013. We have several authors on our blog as well as our own YouTube channel, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ accounts. Marc Foster has a position ranking system for Major League Fantasy Baseball, that is independent of any other source. Jessica Collins is our blog editor and video manager on the YouTube channel. Once she has our daughter in February she will be more visible on the YouTube channel.

We are a keeper league but you only keep 4 players per year, and you will redraft every season. This adds a level of expertise every spring training and draft pick trading, and every owner can compete every season if you draft and trade well. While I like the concept of dynasty leagues, they end up fizzling out quickly, and it is hard to find replacements for horrible teams. Dynasty leagues also trend towards being top heavy, and collusion is a bigger problem. Last season we generated $3,130 as a league, which was dispersed in payouts, on top of a solid marble engraved plaque. I really love our leagues, and the owners we have accumulated over the years in both our baseball and football leagues. I am really easy to find on every website we have, but I will list a phone number below for interested parties to call. If you think you may have interest, our first step is a phone interview. I have a direct link to our blog below so you can look at the leagues and our network a little closer. I also added a link to the YouTube post I did that discusses what we are looking for.



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