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Zaza Pachulia 2012-2013 Season Outlook


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5/8FG 13PTS 11REB 8AST 1ST in a whopping 39 minutes! He deserves a post and a few responses lol

Wouldn't be nice if coach was sold on starting Zaza going forward while sliding Horford to PF and Smith to SF? After that debacle against the Bulls, coach was already considering lineup changes after a poor stretch of games. He deserves to start IMO especially after tonight's game.

Ok, I'm done talking about Zaza.

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It's actually being talked about in Atlanta local media, sticking with this lineup going forward as Drew (as you've indicated) had plans to change the starting lineup anyway. What we do know up to this point, apparently the same lineup (whether it includes J-Smoove at SF or off the bench) for the 2nd game of their back to back with the Brooklyn Nets. Something to keep an eye on for those who may be in need of a center in deep leagues.

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Only time he starts is if the opposing team has a legit 7 footer at center. It's been that way all season.

Pick him up if your in a deep league with very deep benches.

Yeah the problem with Zaza (that name lol) is that he is about as frustrating to own as anyone in the league. Throughout his career not only has he been a much better real-life player than fantasy contributor but he has also always been at the mercy of match-ups (more so than other starting C's) because while he's great at defending big-bigs he gets torched by smaller quicker C/PF's.

That's just exhibit A though, the real reason that I wouldn't be rushing to pick him up is that he guy is 7'0" & 280lbs and plays solid defense but his defensive #'s are just horrendous. He's never averaged over 0.5 BLK per game or 1.1 STL per game (and his STL/BLK seem to be decreasing with age) and he doesn't hit 3's (which isn't a big deal for a C but still part of the puzzle) and struggles to hand out more than 1.0 AST per game as well. Really, unless you're in a 14+ deep league with really serious managers I'd avoid him; you'd just be getting someone who doesn't do anything but not get TO's, grab modest REB & PTS along with solid %'s for a C. There are better options out there who will put up similar #'s but have the potential to explode, especially since we're pre-trade-deadline. Just to put it all in perspective, he got 28+ min/g last year (edit - I thought I'd point out this was bc Al Horford was out with a major muscle tear and this won't happen again this year) and his #'s were: 49.9% FG, 74.1% FT, 7.8 PTS, 7.9 REB, 1.4 AST, 1.4 TO, 0.9 STL, 0.5 BLK. He averaged 12p/7r/1.5a when he was younger and playing 32 min/g but really the odds of that happening with Horoford, Smith, and Ivan Johnson all on board is really an impossibility. Look elsewhere unless you need 1) a guy to fill in on a Sunday or something at the end of the week where you're just trying to not lose %'s and need someone to contribute a little in other cat's or 2) you're in an extremely deep 14+ team league.

Btw, anyone else everything of "Zaza Peculiar" every time they see or hear his name? The guy is really weird haha.

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