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ONE MORE open team, 8yr old keeper league starting over...

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Hey all, I need one more new ACTIVE owners who are easy to get along with and easy to at least talk trades with. A couple of the non-active owners have been removed as we have revamped the rules to the league, and are starting over with a complete re-draft. The league is run on CBS, and there is a $40 league fee due by Feb 28th. If youre still reading, you must have at least some interest....so check out the newly created league message board for a little background on the league, as well as the complete league constitution as it stands right now.


If you like what you read, and are interested in joining, email me (dtowndusters15@yahoo.com) with a little background about yourself and your experience. I'll collect as many potential owners as possible over the next couple of weeks, then make a decision based on who I think would best fit in our league. Thanks for your time!


I. Governance

A. The Denny's League is governed by a single commissioner, Chris King. The Commissioner has ultimate authority in all areas; including the veto or change of any rule appearing in this Constitution. The Denny's League also has two co-assistant commissioners, Josh Jacobsen and Kenny Stancil. Should Chris be unavailable, the two assistant commissioners may make any ruling necessary.

B. The commissioner will rule on any disputes regarding this league. Once ruled on, there is no appeals process. Their decision is final. In the even the commissioner is split or involved in an issue, the assistant commissioners will decide on the matter.

C. Any owner not actively participating in the league will be expelled. No refunds or prize money will be awarded to this person in such a case.

D. The rules in this Constitution take precedent over any other Fantasy Baseball rules.

II. Object

A. To assemble a lineup of 40 baseball players (25 of which are active, 10 that are reserves, and 5 of which are Minor Leaguers) whose cumulative statistics during the regular Major League baseball season, compiled & measured as described in this Constitution, exceed those of whichever teams you are matched up against on a week-to-week basis.

III. Teams

A. Twelve teams comprise The Denny's League.

B. The teams are broken up into two separate leagues, the American and National Leagues. In those two leagues, there are two three-team divisions, the Pacific and Carolina Divisions in the AL, and the Great Lakes and Atlantic Divisions in the N. L.

C. A team is nontransferable without prior league approval.

D. A team may have equal partners, provided either owner will have the full right of roster moves and trades without consent of the other partner(s).

E. All teams must be named following the location-mascot format.

IV. League Dues

A. There is a league due of $40 per season, which is due no later than February 28th.

V. Prize Fund

A. All entrance fees (minus $130 statistical site fee) will be put into the prize fund. The remainder shall be divided as follows:

First place............................$120.00

Second place...........…...........$75.00

Third place...........…..............$60.00

Fourth place........…………........$40.00

Highest Score Per Week………….$2.00

Highest Score of the Season……...$10.00

B. $40 will be deducted from all prize awards for the next seasons entry fee per the owners request.

VI. Draft Day

A. A draft will be conducted on Saturday, March 10 at 9 am PST. The draft will be conducted online, via the "Live Draft" option on the Denny's League website on CBS Sportsline.com. The draft will continue until 12 noon PST that day. The draft may run longer, as long as possible until an owner who has left comes on the clock. At that time, the owner who is on the clock has 24 hours to make their pick via email or message board post, and the draft will continue as an "Email Draft" until finished. The email draft rules are the same as in years past, 24 hours to pick, must either post on the message board or email the entire league.

B. A “Draft Lottery” shall be used to determine the drafting order for 2007. The lottery shall be based on the order of finish from 2006. In other words, the team who finished with the worst record will have 12 entries into the lottery, second worst record would have 11, and so on. The league champion would only have 1 entry. This order of nomination shall reverse every other round, which is commonly referred to as a "Snake Draft." In other words, the even numbered rounds run in the opposite order of the odd numbered rounds. Beginning with the 2008 draft, and continuing every year thereafter, the 8 teams that do not make the playoffs the previous year will be entered into the lottery draft to determine draft positions 1 thru 8. The 4 teams that do make the playoffs will fill out slots 9-12 based on the reverse order of finish in the playoff tournament.

C. The main portion (or major league portion) of the draft will run 35 rounds. At the conclusion of that draft, we will have a 5 round Minor League Draft. The drafting order is the same as mentioned above.

D. Any player may be selected in the Minor League Draft, provided that he is the property of a major league team and still maintains “Rookie Status” as outlined in Sect. XIV. Japanese players are not eligible to be selected in the Minor League Draft, however players that have been signed to Minor League contracts, but are not a part of an MLB teams 25-man roster, are.

E. In case you are unable to attend the draft, CBS has a feature on the website that allows you to prerank players. Then, when you're pick is up, CBS will automatically select the next player on your list.

F. There is a two-minute time limit to make a selection during the live portion of the draft. If at the end of two minutes you have not selected, CBS will automatically select the next player on your pre-ranked list. Therefore it is important that even if you are going to attend the draft that you still make a pre-rank list on the site.

G. Another option that CBS has, is that you may rank a few players that you would like for your next pick, and CBS will automatically chose the top player still available for you. In other words, if in the middle of round 10 you need to leave for 10 minutes, and your pick is due up in 5 picks, you can make a quick list on the site of a few guys you want with that next pick, and if you aren't back yet CBS will choose whoever is left in the order you listed them.

VII. Roster

A. Each teams' active roster consists of the following 25 players:

1 first baseman (1B)

1 second baseman (2B)

1 third baseman (3B)

1 shortstop (SS)

1 catcher ©

1 corner infielder (1B or 3B)

1 middle infielder (2B or SS)

5 outfielders (OF)

2 utility hitters (DH)

5 starting pitchers (SP)

6 relief pitchers (RP)

B. Each teams reserve roster consists of 10 Major League players who may play any position, but may not be on the Major League Disabled List.

C. Each team will also maintain a 5 man Minor League Roster, consisting of any player who is in the minor leagues or still maintains MLB “Rookie Status” as outlined in Sect. IX.

IX. Minor League Roster

A. All teams must carry 5 (five) eligible players in their Minor Leagues at ALL TIMES.

B. A player is eligible to be placed in the Minor Leagues if he is in the real-life Minor Leagues, OR if he does not have enough MLB service time to lose his rookie eligibility. Those limits are 130 MLB at-bats, or 50 MLB innings pitched. Once a player exceeds those totals, he MUST be either released or called up to the Major League roster.

C. If an ineligible player is found to be in a team’s Minor Leagues, he will without warning be placed in the Reserves portion of a team’s roster, causing an illegal lineup. If an illegal roster is maintained until the start of the next scoring period, that team will score ZERO points for that next week.

D. Any player throughout any level of the Minor Leagues is eligible to be on a Minor League roster. If the player you wish to draft or pick up is not in CBS’ database, email me and I will place him on your roster asap.

X. Position Eligibility

A. A player may be assigned to any position in which he appeared in 15 or more games in the previous season. If a player did not appear in 15 or more games at a single position in the previous season, he may be drafted and assigned only to that position in which he appeared most frequently. Once the current season begins, a player may be assigned to any position in which he appears in at least ten (10) games.

B. If the DH was the only position the player had appeared in the previous season, or if the player has never appeared in a MLB game, that player may only be assigned your DH position.

C. If a player was out of the MLB during the previous season(s) his last active MLB season will be used.

XI. Stats

A. The daily player-performance summaries and weekly head-to-head matchup results at http://tdlfb.baseball.sportsline.com/ constitute the official database for the computation of standings.

B. Any pitcher who bats in a major league game will not have his hitting stats count for the Denny’s League team in which he is active for.

C. Teams 25 active players can accumulate stats in the following ways:


1B - Singles 1 point

2B - Doubles 2 points

3B - Triples 3 points

BB - Walks (Batters) 1 point

CS - Caught Stealing -1 point

CYC - Hitting for the Cycle 10 points

GDP - Ground Into Double Play -1 point

HP - Hit by Pitch 1 point

HR - Home Runs 4 points

KO - Strikeouts (Batter) -1 point

R - Runs 1 point

RBI - Runs Batted In 1 point

SB - Stolen Bases 2 points

SH - Sacrifice Hits 1 point


BS - Blown Saves -3 points

CG - Complete Games 5 points

GF - Games Finished 1 point

HD - Holds 1 point

INN - Innings 1 point

IRS - Inherited Runners Scored -1 point

K - Strikeouts (Pitcher) 1 point

NH - No-Hitters 15 points

PG - Perfect Games 25 points

S - Saves 7 points

SO - Shutouts 5 points


L - Losses -6 points

W - Wins 10 points


L - Losses -4 points

W - Wins 7 points

XII. Trading

A. Trading is allowed at any time throughout the calendar year, except between August 26th and the final out of the Major League regular season.

B. All trading deadlines are considered to be Midnight PST.

C. A trade that causes an illegal roster is allowed. The illegal roster must be made legal by the lineup deadline for the next week, or else your team will score zero points for that week.

D. Any injury, suspension, or trade (as in a trade in real baseball that just happened) must be disclosed before a trade is made. Any failure to voluntarily give this information before trading an effected player shall render the trade null and void at the sole discretion of the owner who is receiving the affected player(s). Any other information, such as playing time, mental attitude, etc…need not be given.

E. All terms of a trade are to be announced at the time of the trade. Absolutely no cash, favors, future considerations, or players to be named later are allowed.

F. A trade becomes official when it is mutually accepted thru the trading option on the CBS Sportsline website. During the off season, a trade becomes official when it has been emailed to the entire league by one owner and confirmed to the entire league by the other owner(s) involved.

G. If at any time three or more owners contact me with a legitimate reason as to why a certain trade should not be approved, then the trade will be put up to a vote amongst all 12 members of the league, with a majority of votes (not counting the owners involved) being needed to overturn the trade in question. That means that a trade between 2 teams must be voted against by 5 of the remaining teams to have it reversed.

H. Any owners guilty of collusion shall be expelled from the league.

I. Three and four team trades are allowed, but must be run through me since CBS does not have an option to make more than two-team trades. All owners involved must email me the details of the trade and confirm that they agree to make said trade. I will then manually adjust the rosters Immediately upon receipt of emails from all parties involved.

J. Teams are allowed to trade draft picks for the following seasons major league portion of the draft.

K. Teams are NOT allowed to trade draft picks for the minor league portion of the draft.

L. Players on the minor league roster ARE allowed to be traded.

XIII. Waivers

A. Any player who has been released of his Denny's League team is placed on waivers for a two day period following his release.

B. If that player clears waivers without being claimed, he will then become a free agent.

C. If a player on waivers is claimed by another Denny's League team prior to clearing, he will become a member of that team.

D. If more than one team claims a player, the team with the highest waiver priority will get him.

E. Waiver priority order is determined by last years standings in reverse order. Once a team successfully claims a player, he is then moved to last in the priority list.

F. Players will retain their point value, or salary, if they are claimed off of waivers. If a player clears waivers, his point value, or salary, is reset to the free-agent value.

XIV. Releasing Players, Adding Free-Agents

A. Owners may release players from their roster at any time they wish, without penalty, as long as they make another transaction to legalize their roster.

B. Any player who is a free agent may be added to a teams roster as long as he has an open spot.

C. Players who are picked up as Free Agents shall have a Point Value (Salary) of 3 points.

XV. The Disabled List

A. A player put on the Major League disabled list is also placed on his Denny’s League team's disabled list. If he is not placed on the Denny’s League DL within three days of his Major League placement, he will be placed there by me, causing an illegal roster. If your roster remains illegal until the start of the next week, you will score zero points for the entire week.

B. Once a player returns to his Major League roster from the DL, the player is should immediately be put into his Denny’s League teams reserve system unless activated immediately. If you do not activate an injured player within three days of his Major League activation, he will be placed into your reserves by me, thus causing an illegal roster. If your roster remains illegal until the start of the next week, you will score zero points for the entire week.

C. There is no minimum or maximum amount of players you may have on your disabled list, so long as they are currently on an MLB disabled list as stated above

XVI. Player Point Value (aka Salary)

A. The point value of a player is determined by the round that he is drafted in, and does not change unless he is released and clears waivers.

B. The Point Value shall be determined as follows:

1. A player who is picked in the first round of the major league portion of the draft shall have a point value of 35 points. A player drafted in the second round is worth 34, and so on down to the 35th round, in which a player drafted in that round is worth 1 point.

2. A player who is picked in the first round of the minor league portion of the draft is worth 5 points, second round is worth 4, down to the 5th round which is worth 1 point.

3. Any player who is picked up from the Free Agent Pool (Not counting players on waivers) shall be worth 3 points.

C. From the conclusion of the draft up until the list of keepers is due for the following season, there is no minimum or maximum amount of points required on a roster. This goes for the Minor League Roster as well.

XVII. Keepers

A. Teams are allowed to keep any number of Major League players for the next season, so long as the following guidelines are met:

1. The cumulative Point Value (Salary) of all players being kept does not exceed 250.

2. A player may not be kept for more than 3 consecutive years, counting the year in which they were drafted and/or picked up.

3. A team has enough eligible draft picks to keep the players they wish to keep (As will be outlined in Sect. IV).

B. Teams are allowed to keep as many as five minor leaguers for the next season, so long as the following guidelines are met:

1. Entering the next season the player must still maintain MLB rookie eligibility, as outlined in Sect. IX.

2. A player may not be kept for more than 3 consecutive years, counting the year in which they were drafted and/or picked up.

XVIII. Draft Picks Forfeited for Keepers

A. Owners shall forfeit draft picks in the following seasons major league portion of the draft in exchange for keeping players from the previous season.

B. If a player with a Point Value (Salary) of 35 is kept, the owner will forfeit their 1st round pick. If a player worth 34 is kept, the owner will forfeit their 2nd round pick, and so on, down to a player worth 1 point, which would forfeit the 35th round pick.

C. If an owner chooses to keep two or more players who posses the same value, the owner would then forfeit the next lowest eligible pick(s).

IE- Owner A decides to keep two player who have a value of 30. The owner would then forfeit their 6th round pick, as well as the next available pick. This may be a 7th round pick, but could possibly be lower if the owner is also keeping a player worth 29 points.

D. If an owner has traded a draft pick that is tied to the value of one of his requested keepers, the next eligible pick would then be forfeited.

IE- An owner wants to keep a 35 point player, but had previously traded his first round draft pick. The next unaccounted for draft pick would then be forfeited.

E. The next higher draft pick may be forfeited by keeping multiple players with the same value under the following circumstance:

1. The owner does not posses a lower eligible draft pick. IE- An owner keeps 3 players that are worth 2 points. Since the draft pick worth 2 points would be used as well as the next lower pick, there would be none remaining for the 3rd player being kept. It would then be necessary to forfeit the next highest eligible pick.

F. An owner may only keep as many players as they have draft picks. If an owner has traded away 10 draft picks for the next years draft, then the maximum amount of players that could be kept would be 25.

XVIIIa. Draft Picks Forfeited for Minor League Keepers

A. Owners shall forfeit draft picks in the following seasons minor league portion of the draft in exchange for keeping eligible minor league players from the previous season.

B. A minor leaguer with a Point Value (Salary) of 5 would forfeit a 1st round pick in the minor league draft. A player worth 4 points would forfeit a 2nd round pick, and so on.

C. Keeping multiple minor leaguers with the same value would forfeit draft picks in the same manner as outlined in Sect. IX-C and IX-E.

XIX. League Activity

A. Beginning in 2007, activity within the league will be monitored and inforced.

B. If for a 14 day period, an owner has niether logged onto the league message board, or made any adjustment to their team (as minor as a lineup change), an email will be sent out. If their is no reply to the warning within 48 hours, it will then be assumed that the offending owner no longer has interest in the team, and a replacement owner will be sought.

C. If a response is made within 48 hours, that will be considered a warning.

D. If a team has a second instance of going 14 days with no activity on either the message board or league website, their will be no email sent, it will just be assumed that the owner no longer has interest in being a part of the league, and a replacement owner will be sought.

E. If an owner is going out of town, or has another legitimit reason of why they will not be able to tend to their team, a simple email to the Commissioner explaining the circumstantce will be just fine, as long as it comes prior to 14 days of non-activity. The Commish will then make any lineup adjustments that are necessary until that owner is able to retake control of their team.

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