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Warning for Yahoo Pro League Users: Cheating


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I am posting a warning for all fantasy sports players to NEVER pay for a Yahoo PRO sports league in the future. Yahoo operates illegally and unethically in running their sports leagues which allows cheating and unfair play.

These are the facts I witnessed:

-A few weeks ago one team posted that they had accidentily accepted a trade on their iphone and wanted others to veto the trade (David Lee for Jarett JAck)

-Some responded in agreement that they would veto it, Others did not respond

-The manager then posted that they would trade all their players to the teams that supported him

-The manager made a trade of Brandon Jennings, Paul George, Lebron James for Roy Hibbert, Thaddeus Young, Ramon Sessions and Andrew Bynum

-Yahoo! then vetoed the David Lee - Jack trade but kept the other unfair trade which was dumping the other teams players

-I made a similar unfair trade to another team to challenge the cheater, yahoo vetoed this trade

-Yahoo banned me from the league and deleted all the posts that provide the evidence that the manager dumped his players and colluded

I've attempted to contact Yahoo and there is no contact information and they do not respond to emails.

Please save your money and never play in a yahoo league for real money ever!!!!!

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I played 3 fantasy football Yahoo Pro Leagues this year with no problems at all. Placed 1st, 3rd, and didn't place. I'm currently playing in 3 fantasy basketball and 1 fantasy hockey Yahoo Pro Leagues. I've had no problems at all, but I have seen Yahoo delete a lot of my posts which were usually arguing with other players.

Anyway, I just looked at your league and there is definitely something fishy going on with jordan #1 and Team 42. That has to be the same person playing two leagues. I'd be super pissed too, but I disagree with Yahoo being illegal and unethical while running their fantasy.

Trades only get vetoed if there is a huge difference in Yahoo's projections for the players involved. Furthermore, players in the league cannot veto any trades. THey can only send a protest to Yahoo explaining why. I've sent around 5, but Yahoo never sided with me.

With all this said, you just landed in a league with collusion. You shouldn't really be blaming Yahoo. They can't run public money leagues perfectly when there are hundreds of thousands, maybe more.

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