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Should I trade Curry?


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Heres the situation.

Im in 1st place in my league by 9 games.

Its a 14 team 9cat h2h league using 3% instead of TO.

Keep in mind that curry makes 3 3's per game at a 44% clip. Which can singlehandedly win 2 cats/week.

I have been offered Conley+Nash+Ersan for Curry

My team is the first one in my sig.

My biggest concern is Nash and his outlook ROS on that trainwreck known as the lakers.

Any thoughts?

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Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I would be dropping Will Bynum and probably Ridnour (unless he gets traded to a good situation soon)

He has Bosh, Amare and Jonas Valanciunas as his other bigs.

He wont trade Bosh unless I include Kyrie in the deal and that's not happening.

I figured Ersan would be the best out of Amare/Jonas since he makes 3's and I don't need blocks anyways.

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I'd really hate to trade away Curry in a league with 3pt% but that is a very tempting offer in a 14 team league. Given GS very weak playoff schedule and the quality of those 3 players (in 14 team league), I think I'd take that deal. W. Bynum is an easy drop. Drop Knight, not Ridnour or Dunleavy. Dunleavy's 3pt% is outstanding and Ridnour is getting shopped for trade. He's also producing a lot more than Knight even if he stays. Brandon Knight stinks. He went from awful to unownable when Calderon arrived.

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yeah forgot you had knight. so I'd drop bynum/knight as well. I'm biased towards Curry so I'd want to keep him but that's really nice depth for a 14 team league. It'd be really nice to have Bosh. Would you prefer Nash over Amare?

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Thanks for the input.

I am leaning towards doing the trade. My trade-partner needs an answer by noon tomorrow because of some other deals he is working on.

I am conflicted between dropping Knight or Ridnour. Knight has sucked big-time lately but detroit will give him his minutes and he has a few good games sprinkled in between the crapiness.

Ridnour's situation is murky as he could end up in NY buried behind Felton/Kidd or go to Boston and be a bona-fide starting PG playing with KG/Pierce. Or he could end up in Utah and have some value until MoWill comes back. Or perhaps somewhere else that hasnt been blurbed about yet?

@patentboy - He is stacked at PG's so he is trying to use them as trading pieces. (he has cp3, felton, rubio, nash, conley and billups)

He refuses to part with cp3, rubio or felton and he is a NY homer so I doubt he will give up Amare.

Thanks for the input!

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go ahead and do the deal then. knight won't make big leaps this year so he's expendable; Calderon is running the show in the backcourt. too bad he won't pass cp3 to you. Him, KD, and Bron are the only players I'd move Curry for without hesitation.

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