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Trade protested by a GM then processed by Yahoo...what now?


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Greetings All,

Ok, here's the deal.

I acquired G. Monroe/B. Gordon in a trade for MWP/J. Mcgee. The standard Yahoo Custom League setting of a 2 day period has passed and the trade was processed today. Late last night an e-mail was sent to me and the other GM involved, indicating another GM had protested the trade, however this morning the trade was processed.

What options do I have? What can the League commissioner do at this point? or what's done is done?

Thank you.

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it happened with me, where i sent Eric Gordon For Manimal.

the Trade went threw, and i had Manimal on my team.

the very next hour, the LC , rested the lineups manually.

i got back my Eric , and the other owner got his manimal back.

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1. All trades will be subject to a two day approval window before finalized.

2. Managers will be given an opportunity to voice their PROTESTS to any trades if they feel that it is not in the best interest of league.

3. Managers who protest a trade MUST provide rationale for protesting. Base your argument on why the trade isn't fair for the rest of the league, not why you didn't like it.

4. In the event of a protest the decision will be deferred to the trade committee whereby a majority vote will determine whether the trade is allowed or veto'd.

In a nutshell, that's pretty much our Trade Rules for our league.

Thanks to all that have responded.

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