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Hey guys, Im in need of some opinions.

I was just offered Cedric Benson and Jay Cutler for Drew Brees. I truly dont need a Qb since I have Rivers but I am in desperate need of a RB. Ive been actually shopping Rivers around based on the facts that Brees has been stepping it up and still has posted some nice numbers and yards. Well anyways would you pull the trigger on this trade?

Benson and Cutler for Brees?

Id be getting Benson and Cutler.

Team in sig 1

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I would do it. I would try for KJ first, but if you need the RB help enough, then I would.

I was seriously thinking about pulling the trigger, only thing that sucks is I would have to drop someone off my roster since Im getting 2 guys in return for one. Gonzalez on bye is killing me this week.

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