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Anyone want to take an educated guess on when he gets called up?

I'm not really seeing what positions he gets regular at bats at... if the OF, does that mean the Royals are giving up on Lorenzo Cain already?

I'm think after the ASB. I don't like Cain and Myers looks like the real deal right now.

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Well this guy's blocked then unless Frenchy is moved

Good chance of that happening. There's a reason why he's been moved around so much.

But Myers isn't really blocked at all. I doubt the Royals envision Dyson or Cain as cornerstones in the OF. Cain flashed some potential, but he tanked it early on and got hurt.

Gordon has been abysmal and Francoeur has been, well, Francoeur. Hosmer has also been terrible. The Royals could use another impact bat. Myers is that guy.

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Great. Behrens wrote about Myers on Yahoo. Might have to stash him earlier than I wanted. :rolleyes:

Was thinking the same thing.

Thats what happened to me. After I saw that, I picked him up immediately. After he wrote about him a week or so ago with his "Wil To Power" article one of my friends picked him up, thankfully they have as many injuries as I do, so they had to drop him.

Apparently this is going to be Behrens new prospect love child. Last year I think he wrote 15 articles on Desmond Jennings in the first 3 1/2 months of the season.

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how does he compare to bubba starling? i know starling's still in his infancy as a pro but as far as tools go, does anyone know how they compare?

Bubba Starling is your solid all around athlete..But since he hasn't shown anything baseball wise, it is tough to say...

Who knows if he will ever make it to the majors much less when...That said, I have him in all four of my dynasty leagues!

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Go ahead homer in the top of the 12th. GO Wil GO!

If only we could get Alex Gordon to slip on a banana peel.

I want to pick up Myers I just don't know who he can replace besides dyson in center. Francour has started to hit some homers and come Around a little.

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