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The Wacha - Cingrani Question - WHIR

Masked Kid

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I had Cingrani, I have Wacha. I don't want both; can't fit both, really. Wacha's last game was worse than any of Cingrani's but Cingrani's last few weren't anything to write home about

If he gets the call should I switch them? My staff as it now stands is:

Kershaw, Bumgarner, Zimmerman, Jose Fernandez, Teheran, Wacha


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If Cingrani gets sent back down when Cueto returns, you'd be giving up Wacha for a two start rental. If Cingrani's here to stay, I'd like to watch Wacha once more at least, but when you look at Cingrani's first few starts and his AAA stats, it's hard to not pick him up .

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