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Trade Holliday


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8 team h2h non keeper standard cats NL ONLY!

A guy in my league really wants M Holliday but I want to make sure I get enough in return. Should I do this trade?

I give Holliday, Werth, R Martin, and B Belt

I get W S Miller, C Beltran, T Frazier, W Rosario

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AGreed--too bad you didn't jump when you had Rosario, because that was a clear win, but this is stil good. You get such a great hitter, plus upgrade at SP. Too bad Holliday's on the decline, right? But you are right to trade him. I think the way Beltran approaches hitting makes his skills more sustainable.

Can you see mine: http://forums.rotoworld.com/index.php?showtopic=351566

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