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Trading JZimm....WHIR for sure!

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I'm currently in 1st place, 4 x 4 roto.


Keeper league, keep 7.

2 things important there; Currently in 1st so not sure i should take risks, and K/BB, no WHIP or Ks. JZimm has a 4.94 K/BB (studly) & his lack of Ks doesn't hurt.

Also, JZimm likely a keeper (though not a huge concern).

So I'm considering offering JZimm for Hamels & Huston Street.

I'm 2nd in saves with Nathan, Holland, & Veras as only closers. This move could propel me into 1st in saves (& a 2 point jump in standings). Hamels also has ability to be very similar in value to JZimm ROS.

Thoughts on the risk, & if you think Hamels & or Street are good buy-lows.

Stand pat or good move?

Thanks for thoughts. Leave a link. Always happy to help.

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I'd keep Zimmerman too. If you got a better closer than Street I might consider it, but I like the consistency of Zimm over Hamels this year, it would take a better closer to pull the trigger on a deal like that.

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Thanks guys. A couple things to consider.

I've been rolling with guys like Maholm, Gee, and others who have been struggling. This would allow me to take out a bad SP.

Change anything?

He also has Kenley (sure he wouldn't do), SRomo, & Benoit. Don't trust Benoit to keep job.

Would you offer JZimm for Hamels & Romo?

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Kuroda or HBailey & Mariano?

Probably locks up saves for me. I lose some at SP, but a net positive?

Leave a link!

thats not terrible Mariano has single handily saved me.he was my only closer for a while.id think about it because I do think Zimmerman regresses a little.but i still feel you can get a tad more.
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Are you serious???

Jay-Z was better than Hamels in 2012 by a decent margin. And way, way better in 2013. He's on his way to being one of the best pitchers in baseball, and could even win the CY this year if Kershaw and Wainwright falter (right now I'd rank them CK / AW / JZ).

Trading a top-10 and maybe even top-5 starter for a second-tier starter and a closer doesn't come close for me. Especially not in a keeper where you would be getting older.

If you can get Hamels + Jansen + Romo for JZ and Veras, then go for it. Jansen is looking pretty sweet in a K/BB league. I would demand him plus a really good starter in return for JZ.

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