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Chasing Saves....WHIR

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Saves aren't easy to acquire in my league, so share your thoughts on which guys you think are likely to get traded and therefore who would you add?

(If Gregg traded)



(If Veras traded)



(If KRod is traded)


(If Papelbon is traded)


(If Perkins is traded)


Storen (traded to close?)

I may add a few of these and hold for 2 weeks to see what happens at the deadline.

Maybe rank your top 4? Who is most likely to get dealt? Who is the best add for chasing saves?

Leave a link, as always...

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Perkins isn't getting traded, according to the latest RW blurb. Gregg's a lock to be traded, so both Parker & Strop make sense as hedge bets. That's where I'd go first. If Veras gets traded I'd put my money on Cisneros, & I'd grab Bastardo too, just in case (although I don't know if the Phillies will be buyers or sellers---it looks like they're going to be on the market for a CF...). Storen being traded somewhere he can close makes him intriguing, but I don't see that happening. & I also agree that it's Henderson closing if/when K-Rod gets dealt (unless they trade both guys, in which case Axford is a nice bet). I'd probably rank them: Parker, Strop, Cisneros, Bastardo, Axford, Storen myself...

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