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A. Bradley & Sano are my 2 reserves...


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Keeper league w/ only 2 bench spots, I have a reasonable chance to finish in the $ this year, but I'll have to drop someone to accommodate E.Cab by tomorrow.

Bradley & Sano would be $8 to keep next year, E. Cab would be $10.

I can't decide what to do? Keep the two stud prospects, or drop Sano given he may not see the bigs till late 2014?

Any help or discussion is much appreciated, I'll be happy to return the help. Thanks!

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Just drop Cabrera when he gets suspended. When he's off the juice next year, he'll go back to being a 1-cat player. In a keeper league, no way in hell I drop Bradley or Sano before Cabrera.

while i agree with your assessment to drop him when hes suspended, when has he ever not been a 1 cat player? sure he's hitting for a little more average this year but theoretically hes been off the juice all year so take away this seasons average as an outlier, he's a 1 category player with or without the juice. a decent SS but you can do better/same with the draft next year.

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