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Which 2-Start SP this week? Quintana or Kelly? WHIR

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tough. the dodgers seem unbeatable right now. and their offense is clicking.

there is really no reason to be afraid of the yankees offense. although, curtis granderson does improve them quite a bit.

still, the yankees rank 4th worst in RBI/Runs. they score less runs than the astros.

id' still roll with quintana.

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I'd rank the starts in this order of preference:

Quintana vs. Min

Kelly vs. Chc

Quintana vs. NY

Kelly vs. LAD

I would not start Kelly against LAD.

HIR? http://forums.rotoworld.com/index.php?showtopic=359056

Already answered yours. Thanks.

Weekly league so all or nothing.

Kelly with these 2 starts over DGee?

Gee 1 start home v. COL (minus Cargo??)

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