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Think I messed up on my QB


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Standard 12 team league but with 6pt passing TD and bonus on returns

Qb, RB1, RB2, WR1, WR2, TE, W/T/R, K, DEF

QB - Andy Dalton, Carson Palmer

RB- CJ Spiller, Steven Ridley, Eddie Lacey, Giovani Bernard

WR- Randall Cobb, Dwayne Bowe, Danny Amendola, TY Hilton, Golden Tate

TE- Jared Cook, Martellus Bennett (Might stream depending on if any of these two pan out or not)

K- Mason Crosby (Going to stream)

Def- Tampa D (Going to stream)

At the moment I feel like Dalton and Palmer are most likely low end QBs, Should I try to trade one of them with a WR for an Eli Manning/Tony Romo/Mathew Stafford QB (Stafford for some reason is on a team with Brees)

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Yea have a feeling of dropping Bennett but with the money the bears are giving him hes bound to get a few catches in that high power offence right? Plus holding onto 3 QBs seems much

I sent an offer to the Stafford and Romo owners of Palmer and Golden Tate considering he lacks every position except QB and TE

Might have to throw in a sleeper RB like Gio B or a better WR if it doesnt go through Kind of scared of my QB situation

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1. (7) C.J. Spiller(Buf - RB) 2. (18) Stevan Ridley(NE - RB) 3. (31) Randall Cobb(GB - WR) 4. (42) Danny Amendola(NE - WR) 5. (55) Dwayne Bowe(KC - WR) 6. (66) Eddie Lacy(GB - RB) 7. (79) Giovani Bernard(Cin - RB) 8. (90) Andy Dalton(Cin - QB) 9. (103) T.Y. Hilton(Ind - WR) 10. (114) Martellus Bennett(Chi - TE)

I know I kind of reach for Dalton there but there wasn't any QBs of note available

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Fair good trade?

Danny Amendola + Palmer for Mathew Stafford + Denarius Moore

His team

Qb- Brees, Stafford

RB- Gore, Ingram, Bradshaw, Jon Stewart

WR- Colston, Boldin, Moore, D.Alexander (IR)

TE- Graham

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Do not trade palmer. I like the bengals more then the Cards but palmer's situaition is very fantasy friendly. DOn't confuse real football with fantasy.

move dalton and a Te if you can for Romo, luck, staff,

if they don't bite then offer Dalton and Ty.(his good preseason should entice some people)


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Sent the Stafford Owner a trade for Andy Dalton + TY Hilton for Matt Stafford + Danario Alexander

I know Alexander is on the IR but am hoping the guy thinks I'm a moron and take the bait

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