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When do Yahoo registrations start?

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I believe it was Aug. 28 last year -- 1. I mentioned it to someone in an e-mail that I did a mock draft that day and 2. one of the posters from the message boards also said they believed it was Aug. 28:


Another person in one of those message boards on Aug. 9 relayed this message from some unknown soul at Yahoo:

"Hey there,

We don't have a set date yet as to when Fantasy Basketball is going to launch at this time. However, registration will be available well before the upcoming 2013 - 2014 NBA season start date on October 29, 2013. Fantasy Basketball will probably open late August / early September."

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Not to get anyone's hopes up, but:

When I was looking through my Yahoo mail for someone to e-mail about a start date, I discovered that I did a couple mocks on Aug. 27 of last year, then they stopped (you might recall Yahoo had a false start last year) and then....

They started again Sept. 5.

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