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2013 Completed Trades Thread


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This thread isn't for evaluations of completed trades, but simply a list of completed trades. Please include pertinent details (keeper, h2h, roto, number of teams, etc) when listing completed trades to help other owners apply such knowledge to their leagues.

Please pin.

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Wednesday night before the game

12 team redraft, standard scoring 2rb/2wr/1flx

I traded away jordy Nelson and chris ivory

Received demaryius Thomas

Obviously, lucky timing in my part since threes probabaly not a chance in a hell I can pull that off after that Thursday night game.

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10 team yahoo standard

I traded Eddie lacey & Mike Wallace for Doug Martin

QB Peyton Manning

WR Calvin Johnson

WR Eric Decker

RB Frank Gore

RB Stevan Ridley

TE Julius Thomas

Flex Doug Martin

BN Mike Williams

BN Josh Freeman

BN Fred Jackson

BN Robert Woods

BN Kyle Rudolph

K Phil Dawson

Def - 49ers

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