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Need TE pickup advice WHIR


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OK now in my money league, which is my main one I have J.Cameron already but thats it he's my only TE, should I take a waiver for Winslow, Celek, or Allen? I would be giving up WR-C.Givens, he's my odd man out as I like my 2 sleeper potentials.

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Do you really need another TE right now? I think Givens will prove to be too good to just send packing, especially for another TE.

If you absolutely have to then I would give Winslow a go - - I'm a 12yr season ticket holder for the Jets so take that with a grain of salt but I think he looked good and will continue to be Geno's safety blanket (providing he stays healthy, which I think he can).

Thanks for the help on mine - - Good Luck!

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