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Jordan Cameron vs. Gio Bernard


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I think you'd be selling yourself short at this point. There's just too many unknowns. Obviously Bernard has the potential to be the lead guy in Cinci, but last week was a good indication that such a change might not happen for a bit.

As for Cameron - dude's an absolute playmaker. And he'll be even more deadly once Gordon comes back next week. I'd sit on him for now because you honestly might be able to move him for a better RB if he does what everyone is expecting.

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Thanks for the insight.

I do agree about Cameron. I think he has a high ceiling this year. However, I do feel that Bernard does as well. I would worry that Bernard will have a great game this week and will establish himself as the main guy sooner than later. BJGE is garbage and he did not help his cause of being the lead dog.

I am still torn because I could play the waiting game (and yes I do believe in Cameron) and hope I can trade him for a different running back but I think that may be risky. My running backs are garbage right now. I have Le'Veon Bell injured, and Vereen injured. MJD is my best rb. I am forced to start Isuck Redman this week (we start two running backs). I tried to get Darryl Richardson for Cameron and that was declined. I've offered Vick for David Wilson, Vick for Eddie Lacy, and those were declined.

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