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Moreno/Finley for Chris Johnson followed by 2nd trade


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I am in a .5 PPR league. We start 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE and 1 Flex. I was offered

Chris Johnson for Finley and Moreno. I am also being offered Roddy White for David Wilson. Should I take both? or either?

QB Brady (Luck as backup)

RB Foster, Wilson, Miller, Moreno, J.Bell, Pead

WR Demaryius Thomas, Amendola, Cecil Shorts, Josh Gordon, Chris Givens, Marlon


TE Witten, Finley

WHIR. leave link

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I would take the first trade. It will upgarde your RB2 nicely.

The second trade is tough. You will be giving up a little RB depth plus Wilson's upside to acquire a recevier that puts up WR2 low WR1 numbers (if healthy)

High ankle sprains worry me but if you can stash White, then I say go for it because he can pay off for you later in the season. It depends if you can get by while he's recovering. Basically short return vs long return.


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Thanks for my IDP.

I would hope Cj is coming back like he did last season? But it's hard to guaruntee, I am not sure I would take that risk over Moreno I think he is on a much better offense. I say take a shot at trade 1.

Trade 2 isn't a no brainer either but you need help at WR so if your getting johnson then move Wilson.

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I like the first trade. Generally speaking, especially early-season, when doing 2-for-1 or 3-for-2 deals, the guy getting the single best player wins the trade, which in this case is Chris Johnson. The second trade is pretty risky. Roddy White's injury concerns are legitimate. He is not young and has a better WR to compete for targets with.

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