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Time to talk keepers...WHIR

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With my lineup set for the final week, I'm ready to look toward next season. Important details:

4 x 4 roto-

HR, AVG, runs produced, SBs


Start 14 hitters (2 catcher, corner, middle, 5 OF) and 9 P

We can keep up to 7 (forever), losing a round for each you lose.

To me I have 6 locks (stats taken a few days ago):

1B- Joey Votto- 30


SS- Troy Tulowitzki- 29

.315/68/24/80/1 (120 games)

OF- Bryce Harper- 21

.285/70/20/56/11 (111 games)

2B- Jason Kipnis- 27


OF- Carlos Gomez- 28


3B- Adrian Beltre- 35


All of these guys are great value (probably 6 top 30-35 bats). And 2 middles, 2 corners, 2 OF. Power and speed. Love the balance.

My question, is who is my 7th keeper?

SS/3B -XBogaerts- 21

Bogaerts is going to be a stud. I'd love to have Kip, Tulo, XB. For reference, big time prospects are often kept. Last year OTaveras and BHamilton were kept. Buxton will be kept this season.

OF- Alfonso Soriano- 38


Elite year, but old. Hasn't done it for a while, and probably his last. No way you keep him, right?

2B/OF- Emilio Bonifacio

.300/15 SBs with KC (1 month)

Has picked up where he left off in 2012 with MIA (what happened in TOR??). If you subtract TOR, Bonifacio has 45 SBs (and just 5 caught) in 101 games last year and this. That's a 65 SB pace for a season. He seems to have settled in hitting 2nd for KC. Relatively good lineup and a team that loves to run. A 2B who could hit .270 and steal 60. Enticing (especially in 4 x 4. SBs 25% of offensive cats instead of 20%).

OF- Leonys Martin- 26


First full season and was pretty impressive. Is this guy a .275/ 10 & 40 type player?

My only pitcher worth considering is Greg Holland and I won't be keeping him. Also have Anthony Rizzo but don't think he's a consideration at this point.

So I'm leaning toward Bogaerts or Bonifacio at this point, but interested in other opinions.

We can also make off season trades, so is there something you'd consider (deal Beltre, who's 35?).

Any insight is appreciated and I'm happy to WHIR. We have all winter to help each other out.

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Two thoughts. First, in a keep-forever, Bogaerts dominates the other players. Bonifacio is on a nice little run, but he could turn into Juan Pierre (i.e. pinch-runner only) at any moment). I would actually put Rizzo immediate after XB.

Second, do you need to keep seven? You didn't mention how many teams in your league, but even if it's 14, you are still giving up a top-100 pick in your seventh keeper. Would Rizzo or XB get drafted in the top-100 in your league? Probably a close call.

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Thanks guys. 11 teams and I could keep 6 and then be one of probably 3-4 with a 7th round pick before the 8th begins.

As I mentioned, this league is hot on prospects. Assuming Bogaerts looks like he's starting in March (or even if not), I likely don't get him back.

And probably agree on Bonifacio. Considered keeping him last year but didn't (thankfully). Guess I didn't learn my lesson.

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I would keep Bogaerts in that keeper format. Soriano has had a few nice seasons, but you can probably get him back much later than if you let XB back in the draft.

Contemplating Xander or Springer in my league.

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First 6 keepers are awesome. You complete your entire infield except for catcher.

I'm also gonna say X as your final keeper. Your other options have a lot of quesiton marks:

Emilio - we've seen him do well before and crap the bed the following season. If you like him a lot, i'm sure he'll be available to draft.

Soriano - He's getting old and no one beats father time.

Martin - I don't think he's really in the discussion. Just like Emilio, he'll be easy to draft again next year.

Help here?


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