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Amendola/Bradshaw for Powell/Steve Smith - WHIR


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After working out what seems like every possible variation of this trade, I've finally gotten it to:

I receive Amendola and Bradshaw

I give up Powell and Steve Smith

I am trying to get that upped from Bradshaw to Joique Bell, but assuming that doesn't happen, here's my team (1 point PPR)

RBs: Spiller, R. Bush, Powell, Hillman, Woodhead, D. Richardson

WRs: Fitz, Steve Smith, Broyles, Givens, Jeffery

TEs: Gronk, J. Thomas


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thanks for help on mine. i agree with most of the others - bradshaw is too much of an injury risk and now trich is there which will hurt him in long run. speaking of injury-prone playes, amendola is the king. just too risky of a move for not much reward. i don't like any part of it, including if you got Bell.

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I wouldnt do it, Steve smith can still get it done, powell has shown that he can handle the load and the jets will reward his work last week

On top of that amendola may only play 1 game when he comes back and get hurt again (as was the case last year)

Bradshaw is still not appealing if you factor out the injury risk. Hes currently in a timeshare but I doubt it remains very even for long, you dont trade away a first round draft pick to get a RB that you plan to use in a committee

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