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Trading for Spiller and Brady


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1 point ppr, 0.1 points for rushing/receiving yards, 0.1 points for every 2 yards passing, 4 point passing td.

I'm looking to trade my MJD, Vick, Jared Cook, and Nate Washington for Spiller, Brady, and Winslow. I have Le'Veon Bell, Gio Bernard, and Vereen at RB. I also have RG3 and Heath Miller on the bench. I would just use Winslow for this week and role with Miller rest of the season.

Essentially I have no need for Washington and to some extent maybe Cook. I think Vick has a higher ceiling than Brady, but I think Brady is a buy low.

I was planning on rolling with Bell and Bernard after Bell's bye and may not even need to make this trade at all.

Thank you and WHIR

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