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WDIS Thompkins, Tavon Austin, or Blackmon

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I have 2 WR's on a bye this week (Vjax and Garcon) so i need WR's to replace them.

Which 2 would you start? Tavon Austin against the jags, hopefully breaks out.

Thompkins vs the bengals. Amendola could be back to take away touches

Blackmon vs a weak St. Louis secondary, But has Gabbert throwing to him.

Also, i have Andrew Luck and I picked up Bradford because of his matchup. Who should i start, Luck has a horrible matchup against the Seahawks and Bradford has a great matchup at home against the Jags. Thanks!

12 team Standard League

Qb's: Luck, Bradford

Wr's: Dez Bryant, Vjax (bye), Garcon (bye), Tavon Austin, Thompkins, Blackmon

Rb's: Charles, Reggie Bush, Chris Ivory

TE: Finley, Heath Miller (bye)

K: Crosby

DEF: Chiefs

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