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Andre and Trent for Gronk and Hartline? (0-5) and need a change (WHIR)


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He asked for Andre and Trent, and I am thinking Andre + Lamar Miller for Gronk/Hartline.

What do you guys think?

I hate trent right now... Picked up Alshon Jefferey before sunday's game.

If I trade Andre. I have Jefferey or Roddy to fill that spot.... Downgrading at WR.

If I trade Trent, I will be downgrading at RB (i guess), and will be forced to start Powell or Mcgahee.

I gain Gronk (which could be a game changer, assuming he is healthy next week).

I gain hartline -- which will be a bye week filler.

Here is my team

QB - Matt Ryan

WR1 - AJ Green

WR2 - Andre Johnson

RB1 - Trent

RB2 - Lamar Miller (Leveon Bell, now that he's off bye week)

TE1 - Martellus Bennett

FLEX - Bilal Powell (Alshon or Roddy when hes healthy)

Stevie Johnson

Daryl Richardson

Roddy White

Jared Cook

Leveon Bell

Willis McGahee

Alshon Jefferey

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