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FA Help! Need a big!


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Hey guys, currently in need of a big who can block and grab boards. Who should I add from the waiver wire?

Current FAs available:

S. Dalembert

K. Seraphin

B. Wright

Luis Scola

N. Noel

G. Davis

E. Brand

T. Gibson

K. Koufos

K. Perkins

and more.

Team is in sig. Most likely going to drop MKG for a big. Thanks in advance!

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Seraphin has the potential, but after having him at the end of last season when he was supposedly supposed to break out, he can be quite the roller coaster ride. He will have his good games and his bad games, but theres definitely potential there.

Dalembert is unexciting, but can definitely be serviceable.

I believe there might be something there with Wright, but I'm still on a wait and see basis.

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I'd go Dalembert, Wright, Gibson in that order. Seraphin is sketchy and doesn't really block shots and Noel is out till like December?

Dalembert can be a beast but seems to routinely disappear or get in the coaches doghouse, Wright is his backup and seems to have found a welcoming home in DAL. Gibson always puts up solid waiver numbers from the bench and if Boozer or Noah go down he will be a huge +.


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