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Trade my Center for a Point Guard? WHIR

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Looking to move one of my Center for a Point Guard. Two possible options are:

1. My Roy Hibbert for Ty Lawson

(I asked about this earlier and got a pretty even response, with many slightly favoring Lawson)

2. My Greg Monroe for Kyle Lowlry

Which is the better overall value for my team? Would love to hear some opinions on this. Also, thanks to all those who have been sharing their insight. It is appreciated.

Leave a link and I will be sure to return the favor. Thanks

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Hm. What's your team look like?

I like both trades.

I'm likely to go with Monroe for Lowry because I am low on Monroe.

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I think the Munroe one looks best myself. I like Munroe personally, but when looking at the pieces involved it's the trade that makes the most sense.

Munroe's value is going to go down this year. Brandon Jennings and Josh Smith are ball stoppers and this is going to limit the touches that Munroe gets. Additionally I think that Andre Drummond is going to get more focus this year as well. I think Munroe is solid, but you'd be selling him high right now with an expectation that his stats are going to take a hit this year.

Lowry is coming off a bad season where he under performed. I think he's going to be looking to prove people wrong and he doesn't seem to have the nagging injuries that plagued him last year. I think his production is going to be better and without the threat of a solid 2nd PG coming in and eating his minutes he knows he's #1 on the depth chart which should be great for his confidence. I think a training camp with Derozan, Gay, Johnson and Valanciunas will have this team surprising some people this year.

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