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Free Prizes-Mixed Private Keeper League - 1 Open


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FREE Private Keeper league – FREE PRIZES

E-mail me @ steveniec@aol.com

We are entering our 2nd year of a 14-team, Auction-based CBS Sportsline Keeper League.

We currently have most owners returning, and need one more active owner to take over an existing team or scratch the team and start fresh. Below is the team that you may take over, and you may keep anywhere from 1-10 players (at $4 more to their salary based on a $260 cap), or you may elect not to keep any, and start from scratch. Keeper lists are due to me on March 10. Keepers may be kept annually until the 2011 season, at which time all players will be re-inserted back into the player pool for re-bidding/drafting. The auction draft is for the 1st 25 initial starters, followed by a second day of drafting (round robin snake draft style) for the 15 reserves. THERE ARE SOME REALLY GOOD CHEAP KEEPERS ON THIS TEAM. Too bad the previous owner won't see their efforts at work in the upcoming years. Any new players added/drafted this year may also be kept. The same players do nt need to be kept each year (you can change them each year).

40-Player Roster (15 Offense / 10 Pitchers, any combination of pitchers, 15 reserves)

Rotisserie format scoring: OBA, SLG, Runs, RBI, Net SB (0.5 pt) , At Bats (0.5 pt); K’s, ERA, WHIP, Saves (0.5 pt), Wins, Innings (0.5 pt).

2C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, Corner Infield, Middle Infield, 5 OF, Utility, DH (DH & OF qualifies as DH)

Position Eligibility: 10 MLB games played in last year, 5 MLB games played in this year).

$ 260 Auction Budget for 1st 25 starters / Snake Draft for 15 reserves at $3, $2, $1 each five

Free to join,. Keep up to 10 players each year for 3 more years after this year, at $4 more added to each player salary each year

15 Free Agents pickups per team – max (via e-mail request, preference going to team lower in the standings)

Weekly scoring/lineup period (Deadline-Mondays, 30-minutes before 1st game).

Prizes: 1st Place = League trophy + $50.00; 2nd Place = Trophy + $25.00, 3rd Place = Trophy



E-mail keeper list directly to steveniec@aol.com

See more rules on keepers herein.

MARCH 24, 2007 (Sat) - AUCTION DRAFT DAY 1

1:00 PM EASTERN Standard Time (EST) / 10:00 AM PACIFIC time @ www.fantasyauctioneer.com. Invites will be sent directly from the site when we have our final owners list completed.

MARCH 25, 2007 (Sun) - RR SNAKE DRAFT DAY 2

1:00 PM EASTERN Standard Time (EST) / 10:00 AM PACIFIC time @ http://bullwhip.baseball.sportsline.com/draft/v2

MARCH 30, 2007 (fri) - 10:00 PM

Free agent requests/selections and reported trades due 10:00 PM. Free agents will be awarded per the rules based upon last year's standings, with priority given to the team lower in the standings for their 1st player requested in order of preference (if more than one). Final free agent award notices will be posted on the league message board (and routed via message board e-mail) the same night.

APRIL 1, 2007 (Sunday) OPENING DAY

The 1st scoring period actually begins and ends on Sunday, 4/1/07 (only one game).

SEPTEMBER 1, 2007 Midnight -



Pos, Active Batters, Salary

C, McCann, Brian C ATL, 5

C, Napoli, Mike C ANA, 1

1B, Giambi, Jason 1B NYY , 15

2B, Cano, Robinson 2B NYY, 13

3B, Tracy, Chad OF ARI, 16

SS, Lopez, Felipe SS WAS, 19

MI, Sanchez, Freddy 3B PIT, 2

CI, Fielder, Prince 1B MIL, 11

OF, Cabrera, Melky CF NYY, 1

OF, DeRosa, Mark RF TEX, 1

OF, Kearns, Austin RF WAS, 9

OF, Kubel, Jason RF MIN, 7

OF, Willingham, Josh C FLA, 10

DH, Stairs, Matt 1B DET, 1

U, Young, Delmon RF TB, 12

Pos, Active Pitchers, Salary

P, Armas, Tony SP WAS, 2

P, Billingsley, Chad SP LA, 1

P, Blanton, Joe SP OAK, 10

P, Cain, Matt SP SF, 6

P, Maholm, Paul SP PIT , 1

P, Nolasco, Ricky SP FLA, 1

P, Putz, J.J. RP SEA, 1

P, Sanchez, Anibal SP FLA, 1

P, Sosa, Jorge RP STL, 1

P, Villarreal, Oscar RP ATL, 1

Pos, Reserve Batters, Salary

1B, Huber, Justin 1B KC, 2

2B, Cantu, Jorge L. 2B TB, 15

SS, Pedroia, Dustin SS BOS, 1

SS, Tulowitzki, Troy SS COL, 1

CI, Morales, Kendry 1B ANA, 3

OF, Gathright, Joey CF KC, 3

OF, Gonzalez, Carlos OF ARI, 1

OF, Langerhans, Ryan LF ATL, 3

OF, Sheffield, Gary RF NYY , 30

DH, Salmon, Tim DH ANA, 1

U, Hermida, Jeremy RF FLA, 17

Pos, Reserve Pitchers, Salary

P, Chacon, Shawn SP PIT, 5

P, Gonzalez, Mike RP PIT , 7

P, Patterson, John SP WAS , 8

P, Walker, Tyler RP TB , 1

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