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Larry Sanders for Nicolas Batum. WHIR!

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My: Larry Sanders

For: Nicolas Batum

This is purely a needs trade as I seem to be lacking in 3's and the other owner is desperately needing BLKs (he has K.Love and no shot BLKers to back him up). I'm just hoping that this won't hurt me in the big man department and put me in a BLKs deficit.

Yahoo H2H Pro League (9 cats)

My Team:

PG: Mike Conley, Kemba Walker

SG: Victor Oladipo, Evan Turner

SF: LeBron James, Jeff Green, Maurice Harkless

PF: Larry Sanders, Markief Morris

C: Roy Hibbert, Greg Monroe, Cody Zeller

+1 open spot for streaming (currently filled by Brandan Wright).

Would love to hear any and all thoughts on this. Thanks.


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I really like this deal for you. Great value for Sanders. You might be a little light on blocks, but you can address that later.

Also, since Batum has a concussion, you might want to offer Hibbert for Batum if you see it as Sanders>Hibbert.

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