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I've been offered Andre Johnson for Eric Decker straight up I had Julio so him being out hurt my WRs but I still have AJ Green, Josh Gordon, Vincent Brown, Golden Tate I know Andre been down but you never know who's gonna have a big game in Denver should I do it or stay put

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if this is a PPR, i'd keep andre. you gotta remember, that with the broncos winning and winning and winning. during the playoffs and opssibly the championship game, the borncos will rest their starters. so decker migt not help you. whereas, andre will be fighting to get into the playoffs. and he'll help you for sure.

if you're not worried about that, i'd do the trade. since decker can help you a tiny bit more now. but i stil like andre. if you're scared of andre's injuries, i'd do it for sure.

Help? http://forums.rotoworld.com/index.php?showtopic=382492

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