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Sproles or Le'Veon Bell ROS? -whir-


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Leave your link. Will help in return.

PPR League plus .2 points per rushing attempt (20 attempts = 4 pts)

Who would you rather own for the rest of the season? and why?

Darren Sproles: Has averaged only 9 touches last 3 games. but he's usually always good for 5-7 receptions for 40-50 receiving yards and 3-5 carries for 20-30 rushing yards. so around 70-80 total yards plus the receptions plus a possible TD. So in PPR, that's double digit points every game. But then, there's Pierre Thomas taking away touches.


Le'Veon Bell: workhorse. every down back. guaranteed 18-20 touches every game. but terrible offensive line. probably a lot of 20 carry, 60 yards rushing, 1 reception, 6 yards receiving, kind of games.

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I think it's Sproles, by a large margin. I wouldn't be too concerned with Thomas taking away his touches---I feel like the last game was probably an aberration. In PPR, he's as reliable as they come, and he's part of a powerhouse offense. Can't say the same about Bell.

Thanks for the help with mine.

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Everybody says Sproles, but he's really only had 1 great game this season. Other than that he's scored 16 points one week and 11 another. Bell got 20 points his first week back. Although he might not score two TDs again this week, I think he'll be more consistent than Sproles.

Oh, and thanks for your help with mine!

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