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Help me upgrade my team


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10 team yahoo standard league

QB: Peyton, Vick

WR: Marshall

WR: Djax

WR: Gordon, Jennings, Bowe

RB: Martin

RB: McGahee, Miller, Woodhead

TE: Bennet, Finley

I'm looking for possible trade scenarios to help my team. I recently traded Le'Veon Bell for Gordon to bolster my 3rd WR spot.

I really want to upgrade at least my RB2 spot unless there is something I can do to upgrade on Martin. Although my thought is that Martin will have a good game against PHI and maybe his value will be higher and I can deal him and someone like Djax or Gordon to get a top 5 RB.

Another target for upgrade would be my WR spot.

Any other feedback is appreciated.


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i think your team is pretty damn good already. and bolstering your WR3 with gordon was a great move. even though i liek bell a bit.

i'd try to trade doug martin if you could. for maybe a 1 for 2 kinda deal. say...eddie lacy and someone. some RB who will get 18-20 touches and is on a solid offense.

doug martin will be dragged down by his bad offense.

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