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Offered Milsap + Oladipo for my J. Green + OJ Mayo. WHIR

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The trade proposed was:

My: Jeff Green + OJ Mayo

For: Paul Milsap + Victor Oladipo

I think I am giving up too much value (I'm not big on trading high upside players for unestablished rookies), but I would like to counter to even it out as I am looking for another big man (My back up SG/SF are Durant and Batum). Some possibilities are:

1) My: Jeff Green + OJ Mayo + Amir Johnson

For: Paul Milsap + Victor Oladipo + Derrick Favors

2) My: Jeff Green + OJ Mayo

For: Paul Milsap + Gordon Hayward

3) My: Jeff Green

For: Paul Milsap (or Derrick Favors)

Looking for the best bang for buck. Don't need to win, just want it to be fair value (although I wouldn't mind it favoring my side a tad more). Would love hear your thoughts on this. Thanks


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