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Rondo, OJ Mayo, Amir for Holiday, Hibbert. WHIR!

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I don't see Rondo coming back for a while, and when he does I think he will take a month before he plays 30+ minutes.

So, I kind of like the deal. Hibbert or JV>Amir and Jrue>Mayo....I might try to aim a little higher than Jrue though to strengthen your PG. Maybe target the Lawson owner and see what he has in the way of PF/C.

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I like the trade mostly because i hate waiting on injured players and it seems like most of them are real rusty for a while, plus you will never get fair trade value with an injured player. let someone else deal with rondo, look what happened to d-rose & bynum last year. if you are punting to's then jrue will give you plenty of assists for the first month that you won't have, with hibbert he is very reliable so you shouldn't have to worry about an injury & he has more trade value than amir.

please answer mine


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