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T-Rich for Gordon?


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If I'm a T-Rich owner, I feel like I'm in a precarious position right now. You certainly aren't going to get 100% value for him, which makes trading him tough. But what if his current trend is what he is?

For me personally, I would be trying to cut bait. I'm not sold on T-Rich as being any more than a serviceable RB2. If those are your two options, I would probably want Brown instead of Gordon because I don't trust Weeden. If I could sell a but higher given T-Rich's name value, I would try. But his very well may be the tops of the market for him.

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I own T-Rich and would never trade him.. I'm sinking with the ship. Schedule is awful and Donald Brown can continue eating into his work but you have to believe he'll get better as the weeks go by and he becomes acclimated to the Colts' system. His YPC has steadily gone up (very marginally, lol) and I still believe he'll be involved in the passing game starting soon. There's no way I'd trade a RB receiving 20 touches and goalline work for a mid-tier WR.

Good luck with whatever you do but that's my .02 I would not be selling Trent now. I was one of the first to say the trade to the Colts hurt his value (check his thread on Sept 18) but he's still a starting RB and they are way too scarce.

Help with mine, please:


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Depends on who your wide receivers are and who your RBs are.

I'd probably aim a little higher and try T-Rich for Marshall or AJ Green, and see what you get out of that.

But if T-Rich is your RB1 and you have MJD and Ryan Mathews as your only other starting running backs, you have to keep T-RIch.


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