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Which WR's to roster ROS


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Got two roster spots for WR 4/5 in team one below. Currently carrying T. Williams and Kenbrell. Worried that Miles coming back is going to sap William's value (at least till he gets hurt again), and Kenbrell, while still worthy, has to see some target drop off when Gronk/Danny are up to speed.

So, which TWO of the following four WR's should I have on my roster this week with an eye toward the future:

T. Williams


K. Allen

Percy (is now the time to stash him?)

Leave a link, WHIR


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K Allen has proven to be legit and his targets grow each week and Kenbrell will be open more often with Amendola and Gronk coming back.

Open More? He will be the 4th best reciever on the team, 4th best wide recievers on pretty much any team are not rosterable. Not often do they get opportunities even when open, Kenbrell is not amazing, otherwise I would count on him all year.

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