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Am I giving up too much for DeMarco? WHIR


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My friend is selling DeMarco Murray because his team is about to be going down the drain with Julio out for the season, and he likes this deal I threw out there.

I give:

Giovani Bernard, RB Bengals

Harry Douglas, WR Falcons

Kenbrell Thompkins, WR Patriots

I receive:

DeMarco Murray, RB Cowboys

I would love to pull the trigger, but I think Douglas is going to be solid ROS with Julio out for the season and Roddy White being hurt. And plus, I still have to go through A.J. Green's and Calvin Johnson's bye weeks, hence why I want to keep Douglas. Idk, it'll fortify my RB core for sure, but at the same time, I do have Stephen Jackson waiting on my bench.

Am I giving up too much or should I just pull the trigger?

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I like it a lot. I always love trades where you get less players than you send, especially when it's for an RB1/2. DeMarco is definitely a step up from Gio and McGahee and is close to the same level as Morris. You're sending away two other players you could easily replace with someone on the waiver wire. I take it.


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I'd do it because Douglas had his chance to perform awhile ago and did not do anything with it and Davis or Cone may step up instead of Douglas. If it was PPR then trading Douglas would be questionable.

No PPR, just standard. But I think he'll get like 10-12 targets playing in Julio's position, you know?
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