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Help with trading Aldridge


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Background. 10 team Keeper league 7 Cat head to head weekly

8 keepers per team, 10 teams = 80 players already off the board

Keepers are in my sig

I already have the 4th and 8th pick in the first round but I do not believe my player will be there at 4 and I have lost out on Lillard, westbrook, and a few others because I did not act.

Do you think offering Aldridge for the top 2 picks in the draft (same team has both) and possibly his 2nd rd pick is asking too much? Am i not asking enough?

In reality, if i was able to pull this off, I would have four 1st rd picks one 2nd pick and three 3rd rd picks?

Targets if i traded aldridge = Oladipo (my #1 target), Tobias, Nowitzki, Duncan, burke, and a few others

Trading partner's team consists of howard, griffin, wall, tyreke, pierce, horford, gallinari, afflalo

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So im basically asking if you would trade Aldridge for Oladipo, Nowitzki, and gallinari (or the 11th pick in the draft).

Pluse I would have 2 more first rd picks id most likely use on Tobias Harris and possibly Tim duncan

Would anyone ship aldridge away for this?

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