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Andre Brown & My Bench


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BN: Andre Ellington, C.J. Spiller, David Wilson, Alshon Jeffery, Stevan Ridley, Percy Harvin

I'm already dropping Wilson for Vereen. Pick 1 (if at all) to drop for Andre Brown.

Leaning on Ellington... So that begs the question, will Brown be a better trade bait/playoff push help than Ellington this year?

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Well since you have Charles, Morris, and Spiller. I guess you could part with Ellington. He's a decent fill in guy, but you probably are going to want the players that will make a difference around playoff time. It's also keeping them (Vereen and Brown) away from other people in your league. You don't want those guys falling in the wrong hands.

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I'm not too excited about Andre Brown, to tell you the truth.

He'll come back after a nasty injury, Jacobs will probably steal some goal line carries, and the Giants are a big mess all around.

I expect Ellington to become rb1 in Arizona, Spiller can explode at any time, Jeffery is solid, Harvin will be great when he returns. Ridley is really not doing well at all, but he still has too much potential do be dropped.


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