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Rate My 100ProLeague Team. WHIR

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12 team H2H 9 cat Yahoo 100ProLeague

PG: Mike Conley, Jrue Holiday, Reggie Jackson

SG: James Harden, Victor Olidipo, Jarett Jack

SF: Nicolas Batum, Gerald Henderson

PF: Derrick Favors, Andre Drummond, Markief Morris

C: Jonas Valancuinas, Spencer Hawes

Any feedback would greatly appreciated. Thanks


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Just to be sure, I'd speak with the owner of Howard and dangle him precariously at him... But don't give an inch. Irregardless of the ft %, he seems to be backing up his hype thus far. And actually not that terrible at the line with such a small sample size this year.

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Your team is great. I think your FT% will be fine and will be no worse than average this year. I agree though with trying him on the Howard team. The only issue is that all your bigs are pure potential and not sure things but I doubt that more than 1 of them busts. They are all great.

Pleaase rate:


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