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james harden

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SF is the obvious hole here. And large injury concerns with Bynum/Gordon

Your great in blocks!

If you want to take the risk that Bynum will be healthy, then trade Pekovic for a SF with top 50 talent. Kawai or Jeff Green is around that range. Everyone is high on Bledsoe too, so you might find someone who overvalues him (since you are set at both G's)... but it's hard to let go of Bledsoe.

Please rate my team too. I havethe same SF problem as you.


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Your team is struggling in 3's and PF is more of a problem than SF (you have Harden/Harkless at SF, but only one PF with AD). I would try to turn Bynum into a PF.

Kanter/Pekovic aren't the greatest shot blockers, so I don't think your blocks will be safe every week. Your FG% is shaky too. FT% is ok, but not the best with Harkless and McGee dragging it down. Rebounding is a little weak with only 5 bigs (one injured) and only one real SF who's not the most prolific rebounder. Steals are your strongest cat imo..assists aren't bad either.

I'm not a fan of Bynum..even if he comes back, he may get limited minutes due to injury concerns. His trade value's not that high either..but I would still try to trade him. Eric Gordon is also a risk, but I have more hope in him than in Bynum. He looks out of shape though.

I would trade an SG + C for an SF + PF. Harkless and Reggie Jackson are players you might want to cut depending on how they play and if there are any waiver wire gems.

Rate my team here: http://forums.rotoworld.com/index.php?showtopic=384394

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As the first poster mentioned, SF is the obvious hole here, so try and negotiate a trade for an upgrade at that position. Love the reggie jackson pick up with RW out for the first 4-6 weeks. It'll probably take RW a while to come back, too so Reggie is going to be a solid piece for the short term. Other than that though...also love the Harden and Davis picks.


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