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LeBron, Sanders for Curry, D12, Griffin. WHIR

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My: LeBron James, Larry Sanders

For: Stephen Curry, Dwight Howard, and Griffin

Not really looking to trade LBJ, but this offer came in and it didn't look too bad to me. My team isn't exactly competitive in FTs, so D12 and Griffin could fit, but I hate the thought of trading LBJ. I was thinking maybe substituting Monroe or Hibbert instead of Sanders and sending it back.

Really could use some help on this.


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As great as Curry is, you can't do this. The only way you trade Lebron (or KD for that matter) is if you get the other team's first 3 picks. And this is only worth it if your team lack serious depth. If you have nice role players, then that sin't worth it either. Plus the incoming 1st round player must be a top 5 as well.

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