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Hi guys. This is the first year our league is doing keepers, and the majority voted that we can keep as many players as we like from this season (I was against that but whatever). Whatever player you keep, you lose that round's draft pick. A guy in my league drafted Randall Cobb in the 4th round but dropped him after news of his injury keeping him out 6-8 weeks. Should I make a waiver claim to get Cobb and stash him on my bench/keep him for next year, knowing that he probably won't be able to play for much of the remainder of the season?

For the record, I am in a 12 team league, standard ESPN scoring, NOT PPR. Here is my roster below if it helps any.

QB: Foles


RB: Gore

WR: Gordon

WR: Shorts

TE: Cameron

FLEX: James Jones

D: Panthers

K: Streaming

BE: Vick

BE: Kenbrell Thompkins

BE: Bowe

BE: Joseph Randle

BE: David Wilson

BE: Shane Vereen

BE: Roy Helu

Cobb was having a decent season until he went down with injury. Normally I wouldn't consider keeping him because his production this year was pretty consistent with his draft position and it wouldn't be worth killing a bench spot for 6-8 weeks for him. However, since the league decided you can keep as many players as you like, I'm concerned that the top 20 WR and top 20 RB will all be kept, and Cobb will end up going in the first/second round.

My bench is already thin as I'm trying to hold tight for Vereen and Wilson, plus Jones and Shorts are very questionable, so it's hard to take another injured player. Is it worth picking up and keeping Cobb, or should I pass?

Thanks for the help, and sorry for the novel. Leave a link and I'll respond to yours.

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I only picked up Randle to be a flex plug-n-play for this week. Shorts looks like he's out, and Jones is still very questionable. I really don't feel good about starting Bowe and/or Thompkins, so I grabbed Randle as a fill-in until they get healthy. I'll definitely drop him after a week or two, but for this week I need to hang onto him.

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You have enough low-end bench players to realistically drop somebody to make room for Cobb to use as a keeper. My dynasty league is a similar format (keep as many as you'd like, lose a round for everybody you keep - keep 9, don't draft til round 10, etc) and I would jump at the chance to grab and hold Cobb.

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